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Gunflint Lodge patio 2015

About The Ladies

is our own original songwriter and has been singing as long as she can remember, in spite of family and friends occasionally asking her to give it a rest. Just when she was running out of places to keep singing, The Ladies Music Club came knocking in serendipitous fashion. She is happy to add some harmonies and her guitar styling to the fabulous TLMC mix.


has been singing her entire life, both professionally and harmonizing with her family in the car.  Trained classically as a singer, pianist, and conductor, she's currently using her music to teach literacy and social-emotional skills to preschoolers in St. Paul Public Schools.  Arranging songs and harmonizing with TLMC has been the latest joy in a life filled with music, and one that has finally given her the chance to play the tambourine on stage.

grew up singing with family and neighbors, developing her love of harmonies so she could hear her own voice in the mix.  She started playing guitar at 13 in order to accompany herself while singing, and has performed in many combinations of musicians over the years, always with a strong folk influence.  Three part harmony is her favorite, and singing with bandmates Sara and sister Barb thrills and inspires her.


played the string bass as a kid and into college years. She thought real life didn't include music until a dear friend encouraged her to pick it up again and then she heard Sara and Burna singing together and thought - hey, maybe that's the place for a bass! She delights in the set-list sensibility and loves bringing people together around music.

our new fiddle player is not new to the fiddle, just new to playing with this group and we couldn't be happier. Turns out she went to St. Olaf College with Sara and has known Barb for a dozen years too. Saint Small, Saint Paul.

We are working to book shows around town.

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Next Up:​
Maplelag Resort, Callaway MN

Urban Growler TBA

Listening Fun:

You're in for a treat. We had a blast at WTIP this July 2018 road trip. We think the sound is tighter than ever and the stories still a hoot and a holler.

Our second road trip  (July 2016) included a fun studio session at Grand Marais' WTIP you can take a listen: LISTEN HERE

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